Using Intelligent Analytics to Identify Leads

Posted: May 16, 2013

Using Intelligent Analytics to Identify Leads

Many companies measure the success of their website by how many visitors or page views they get. They simply compare these metrics month over month and year over year, then use these to gauge the success of their marketing efforts. See below for a higher level screenshot identifying the traffic by source.


There is an even better way!

Visitor Intelligence

Beyond visitor count, our clients can see what companies are visiting their websites before those visitors fill out any forms. In addition, they’re able to see the company address, phone, industry, annual sales, and employee count. These metrics paint a more actionable picture of who is visiting and engaging.

This detailed visitor information is obtained by installing a tracking tag connected to the Inbound Marketing System. Once the tag is in place on every page on the website, the system executes a reverse IP lookup and places a cookie on the visitor’s computer. This cookie remains until the visitor completes a web form and then all their historical data is appended to that contact.


This type of intelligence is powerful in identifying and converting “warm” leads.

In addition to identifying this company information, we recommend creating offers on a landing page. The idea is that you will exchange your content (whitepapers, videos, tools, etc.) for your visitors’ contact information. The landing page will then provide them with the offer and you’ll turn that anonymous visitor into a marketable contact.

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